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Livernois Engineering, the global leader in Heat Exchange technology based in Detroit (USA), has been providing the Heat Exchange industry with innovative designs, machinery, tooling and technical assistance since 1949. Its equipment is recognized worldwide for both quality and durability. Livernois Engineering's products and services are used to produce radiators, heaters, condensers, evaporators, oil coolers, and other heat exchangers made by the world's leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers.

GEFIT Livernois Engineering

In 2006, Livernois Engineering became part of the Gefit Group, pursuing the company global strategy. The combined expertise of these two companies makes Gefit Livernois the "Leader in Heat Exchange Technology & Assembly Systems", and uniquely positioned as a global supplier of automation equipment with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and China. ISO 9001:2000 registered.

Heat Exchange

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Fin Mills

Fin Roll Tooling

High Volume Single or 2-Out Fin Mill

Form Rolls

Fin Mills

Fin Types

Fin Roll Tooling

Rolls Variety

Fin Roll Tooling

XFR-1 Form Roll

Core Builders

Core Assembly Systems

Manual Core Builder

Finishing and testing line

Semi Automatic Core Builder

Fin Roll Tooling

Full Automatic High Volume Core Builder

Crimping Machines

Crimping machine


Manifold Condenser Assembly Lines

Manifold condenser Assembly line

Condenser Manifold Assembly Line

Assembly Lines for HVAC

HVAC Assembly Machine

HVAC Assembly Machine

Heat Exchangers Manifold lines

Manifold lines

Heat Exchanges Fin Mills

Fin Mills

Heat Exchanges Core builders

Core builders

Heat Exchanger Crimping lines

Crimping lines

In addition to the equipment provided to the heat exchange market, the North American division of Gefit Livernois Engineering, in steadfast cooperation with the Italian headquarters of GEFIT Automation, has been providing a diverse group of automated assembly systems to better serve its global customer base. These systems support the automotive and non-automotive manufacturing & assembly community: (i.e., braking calipers, gear boxes, pumps, headlamps, etc.). Gefit Livernois Engineering is uniquely positioned to execute an extensive range of assembly systems from project launch through commissioning and servicing of the equipment. 

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